Where Did All the Boats Go?


What in the (Boating) World is Going On Here?

Where did all the boats go? As many boat shoppers have found this winter and spring, the boating world is very, very different than we’ve experienced in the past. Pre-Owned (and New) boats have been selling at the most rapid pace in memory, inventory seems to be very limited, boats that look like they’re for sale really aren’t, sellers are expecting close to “ask”. Blink, and the boat that was for sale last night is now “sale pending”.


How Did This Happen?

Just about a year ago, in May 2020, when many states were beginning to relax some COVD-19 travel and shopping restrictions, demand for boats of all types suddenly surged. So many recreational avenues were no longer reasonable options (cross-country travel, cruises, ballgames, concerts, festivals and much more). The boating light shone like a bright beacon as the ideal solution – outdoors, choose your fellow “boating bubble” participants, skip the big crowds, enjoy the sunshine/adventure/fresh air, see and experience new things. Existing boaters found how extra-important their boating experiences and relationships are and many were on the water more than ever. New boaters got on the water for the first time – and had a blast. Boaters who had taken a break from boating got back on the water with renewed enthusiasm.

And with it all, the marketplace became very competitive – increasingly so, still. Expect conditions to remain that way for the near future, into spring of 2022 or beyond.

Although the winter and spring months have resulted in a great thinning of inventory, boats will continue to come to market over the weeks and months ahead. Boats that haven’t previously been for sale will emerge from winter storage and become available as some boat owners elect to move on to the next boat, or other plans. We will see the annual pattern of “for sale” signs during the latter half of the summer.

Stay the Course

So, although the market is moving very quickly, there certainly are opportunities that will arise in the category of boat you are shopping for. Pier 33 Yacht Brokerage can assist you, Professionally, with your boating search.

Using our extensive network of cooperating brokers throughout our local region and the country, Pier 33 can identify boats of interest as they come to market, assist you in quickly evaluating these fresh opportunities, move through the offer/survey/sea trial/close process and get you on the water.

Be on the lookout for more frequent updates from Pier 33 Yacht Brokerage that will focus on the sizes, brands and styles that may be of most interest to you. Take a moment and tell us more about your boating plans today. We will do our best to keep you on top of the best matches for your needs.

Sellers? We Want to Hear From You Too!

We have existing buyers and all of the resources needed to properly promote your boat. Don’t wait, this is the best time to sell your boat – in the midst of spring/early-summer demand. Click Here to Tell US About Your Boat.


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