Launch on Command at Pier 33 Marina


What a great way to go boating! Choose Pier 33’s convenient Launch on Command valet service.
Your boat will spend the summer stored inside our deluxe facility, to be launched by our crew on your command. Head for the Lake on the very best boating days and leave your boat protected and clean when it’s not in use.

Launch On Command is available seven days a week, beginning approximately May 15 each year and concluding approximately September 21. Hours of operation are established prior to the beginning of each season. Pier 33 does offer the convenience of next-morning retrieval for boaters returning to port “after hours” as well as an advance evening launch for boaters who plan to arrive at the marina “after hours”.
We also offer a special weekday fueling service option, so that your boat can be conveniently fueled-up while you are away and then ready with a full tank when you visit for your next outing! Our equipment includes the Neptune M220 and M250 Forklifts, capable of lifting boats well above 30 feet for our service.

Questions? Contact Rebekah Shafer at (269) 287-3014 or use our on-line form to inquire further.


Up to 15′ 11″
16′ to 17′ 11″
18′ to 19’11”
20′ to 21′ 11″
22′ to 23′ 11″
24′ to 25′ 11″
26′ to 27′ 11″
28′ to 29′ 11″
30′ to 31′ 11″
32′ to 33′ 11″
34′ to 35′ 11″
Boats above 35′ 11″ are subject to review on a by-model basis and may be rated based upon length, beam, weight or other special handling needs. Rates shown below are subject to adjustment, accordingly.
Earn our “ADVANCE RATE” by submitting a 25% partial payment by August 6, 2024 and then enjoy the convenience of equal monthly payments due in January, February and March. “STANDARD RATE” is applied to late renewals or late payment of balance due.

Note: Limited availability. Reserve your spot now. Initial payment required to reserve.

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