Rain Brings Rushing Waters to the Channel

Our Friday to Saturday deluge of rain has brought rushing and rising waters to Morrison Channel and the St. Joseph River.

Boaters in our area, specifically, and along the shore of Lake Michigan should take some measures now for protecting boats at the docks, as well as caution when navigating.

  • Check and adjust your dock lines. It will take a few days for the surge from the runoff to pass us by. The river will come up and then recede to its previous level. Rising waters can stress dock lines, or can loosen them up, depending on how your boat is tied off. Check those lines and make needed adjustments.
  • Check your bilge for excess water that may have accumulated below decks as a result of the heavy rain. Make sure the bilge pump float switch is operating and batteries are properly charged to continue pumping when needed.
  • The rising river level will bring debris along with it. With a lower river level this year, not much was swept off the banks during our dry spring. We’ve already caught a few logs. Be on the lookout around your dock and when underway, for logs & limbs.