Getting Ready for Spring Launch

Spring Launch


Our staff is preparing for the start of spring launch, planned to begin the Week of March 27. Please take note of these important items …

LAUNCH NOTIFICATION: You will be receiving, during the week of February 27, the specific “Launch Notification” for your boat. That information will arrive by e-mail. That letter will include a projected “Week of …” launch date for your boat. Those dates are determined by where boats are positioned, especially if indoors. Outdoor boats may have a scheduled date if that has been requested, or will be noted “UNSCHEDULED” if we have not yet received a launch date request from an outdoor storage boater.

LAST CALL FOR PRE-LAUNCH SERVICES: We are experiencing a very busy spring servicing season. If you are awaiting an estimate that has been requested from our staff, or if you have received but not yet approved an estimate for work you desire, please contact our Service Office as soon as possible. Likewise, if you need services but have not yet requested an estimate or placed an order, please contact our Service Office as soon as possible.

PAY INVOICES AND BALANCES ON-LINE: Pier 33 now offers on-line billing. All balances must be paid prior to launch or release of your boat.


WEEK 1: March 27 thru March 31

WEEK 2: April 3 thru April 7

WEEK 3: April 10 thru April 14

WEEK 4: April 17 thru April 21

WEEK 5: April 24 thru April 28

WEEK 6: May 1 thru May 5. Conclusion of “Indoor” Launch.

WEEK 7: May 8 thru May 12

Outdoor launch continues as requests are scheduled.

Launch on Command and Hook ‘n Go Service begins Saturday May 13.

Indoor storage trailer boaters, please plan to pick up your boat no later than Saturday May 6.


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