Weekly Fuel-Ups for LOC Boaters

Launch on Command at Pier 33

Launch On Command Boaters, here is a convenient service for you. Please read on for information regarding Pier 33’s Weekly Fuel-Up Service.

Beginning Sunday June 5 and continuing through Sunday September 4, you will be receiving an e-mail at approximately 7pm EDT. That e-mail note will remind you to respond if you would like to have your boat fuel-up prior to the following weekend, saving you wait time at the gas dock and giving you more time on the water.

After each fuel-up, you will receive a receipt via e-mail. That receipt will include a live link to your account balance. Your password is the zip code at which you receive your Pier 33 statements or other mail. Use the link in your receipt to pay for your gas and any other account balances.

  • The fee for each fuel-up is $25 plus the cost of your gas.
  • Also now available, holding tank pump out while refueling, $35 (total gas & pump-out, pump-outs not available separately on this program).