Boat Cover Give-Away

Free Boat Covers

Each year, Pier 33 receives truckloads of new boats from Chaparral, Robalo and Vortex with each boat covered by a special form-fitted shipping cover. Heavy plastic on the outside and (mostly) lined on the inside, these covers protect the new boats while they are in transit.

Over the years, we’ve kept and occasionally distributed these covers, but they continue to accumulate! We are starting with approximately 100 covers. They can – and should be – re-purposed, rather than sent to the landfill (they’re not recyclable, to our knowledge). Use your imagination and put these covers to work for you!

Come and get ’em – covers will be distributed free of charge, per the guidelines below.

  • Distribution Times:  Saturday September 12 9am – 3 pm, Saturday September 19 9am – 3pm, Saturday September 26 9am – 3pm

  • All visitors must wear face covering.

  • Limit 10 persons in the showroom at one time and all must remain socially distanced.

  • Covers are bundled and arranged roughly in size categories and most are marked according to the original boat size for each. Please do not unbundle covers.

  • One per person, please don’t take what you won’t personally use.

  • These covers are not intended for or guaranteed for any particular use and Pier 33 is not responsible for their condition, or fitness for your particular needs.

  • Please do not dispose of any unused cover in a dumpster or landfill, always find a way to repurpose.

Repurpose Me!