Extra Details – Pier 33 Open House Cancellation

Extra Details - Cancellation


Cancellation Details

We regret to advise that the “second half” of the 2020 Pier 33 Open House Event is canceled due to our attention to civic responsibility, public health concerns and COVID-19. The Double Down and Homecoming Weekend aspects of our Open House promotion are specifically canceled.

We are glad that so many of our boaters and boaters-yet-to-be were able to join us on Saturday March 14 and Sunday March 15. Thank you to those who attended Sneak Peek Weekend!

This announcement is in no way meant to put a damper on your 2020 season and we will be doing our best to help make sure our boaters enjoy the upcoming summer. Boating is going to continue to be a fantastic choice for so many things that are important to us – togetherness with family and friends, adventure, fresh air, sunshine, relaxation and a retreat from some of our natural daily stress.

At the same time, we continue to follow the directives of health professionals and epidemiology experts as they try to guide us all through the COVID-19 virus response.

Those directives now include a restriction of group gatherings to less than 50 people. On an ordinary Open House Saturday or Sunday, our visitor group far, far exceeds that number.

With this in mind, cancelling the event itself is the appropriate and civically responsible thing to do right now.

Spring launch will be starting very soon and we are fully focused on getting our boaters on the water. That means taking appropriate precautions for our own staff so that they can deliver the important services needed to get your boating season underway.

Pier 33 continues regular business hours, in all departments:

  • Sales, Tuesday thru Friday 9a – 5p, Saturdays 9a -3p
  • Service, Monday thru Friday 8a – 5p, Plus Saturday March 21 9a – 3p (Closed Saturdays thereafter until Saturday April 4)

For business that you must conduct in person, or to view your boat prior to launch, or to view our boats that are on display, staff will be on duty Saturday March 21 from 9a – 3p.

We will be closed Sunday March 22, per normal schedule.

Please use your good judgment if you are feeling under the weather in any way and avoid the possibility of exposing your friends, other boaters or our staff to the virus.

For all business that can be conducted by phone or e-mal, please use these e-mail links or phone numbers for key personnel: