2022 Launch on Command Schedule and Important Notes

Launch on Command at Pier 33 Marina

There will be a one-day delay in start of Launch on Command due to the Blossomtime Grand Floral Parade restricting marina access on Saturday May 14. Official LOC Opening Day will be Sunday May 15.

Let’s get the season started. Here is our Launch On Command and Hook ‘n Go Schedule for 2022.

Sunday May 15 thru Friday May 27

  • Six available launch slots per hour, at 10-minute intervals.
  • Monday thru Friday, 9a – 5p
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10a – 5p

Saturday May 28 thru Monday September 5

  • Twelve available launch slots per hour, at 5-minute intervals.
  • Monday thru Thursday, 9a – 6p
  • Friday, 9a – 8p
  • Saturday, 10a -8p
  • Sunday, 10a – 6p
  • Note: Monday May 30, 10a – 6p
  • Note: Monday September 5, 10a – 6p

Tuesday September 6 thru Wednesday September 21

  • Monday thru Friday, 9a – 5p
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10a – 5p

Important – Special Notes – Please Read

  • Please always use the SpeedyDock app to schedule your launch. Launch reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance.

  • Wet or severe weather may cause a launch day to be shortened by up to one hour.

  • “Last-In” launches for end of day are limited based upon available docks. “Last-In” must be requested at least one hour before closing time.

  • Although we set aside a group of return docks for our LOC boaters, these are limited. Please respect published closing times on days of peak usage, so that we can properly retrieve your boat during our operating hours.

Please note these steps for the start of your LOC day:

  • Log-in to SpeedyDock and reserve your time slot. Time slots can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance.

  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled launch time.

  • When you arrive at the marina, check in at our Service Office, Door # 7. That triggers the launch notice to our equipment operator. When you enter the service office, please wait behind the red rope.

  • After check-in, unload passengers and gear nearby the LOC waiting area in a way that keeps you sufficiently distant (six feet or more) from any other groups.

  • Wait to board your boat until after our staff has completed launch and tie-off. Our dockhands will return to the boat after you have loaded and started your boat, to provide you with a shove-off.